C & Z Purlin

ORIENTAL Purlins is a structural component, C&Z Purlins are processed Cold roll-formed from high Tensile steel coil to use as support for framed structures. They are designed to use as secondary support for roofing and cladding application. They are light weight, high tensile, efficient and economical requiring minimum maintenance and will last for longer period. It is available in customized length & it saves more than 30% of the steel by weight.

ORIENTAL Purlin is cost effective in comparison to conventional structure element: channel section, angle section and tubular section.

Bay Spacing ORIENTAL Purlin Tubular Section Hot rolled Channels Angle Section
(m) Section Wt (Kg/m) Section Wt (Kg/m) Section Wt (Kg/m) Section Wt (Kg/m)
2500 Z10010 1.75 Tube 70*3 3.22 ISMC 75 6.8 100*100*6 9.2
3300 Z15015 3.56 Tube 90*3 4.16 ISMC 75 6.8 100*100*6 9.2
3800 Z15015 3.56 Tube 90*4 5.53 ISMC 100 9.2 100*100*6 9.2
4250 Z15015 3.56 Tube 100*4 6.15 ISMC 100 9.2 130*130*8 15.92

DL=0.1 KN/m2, LL=0.75 KN/m2, WL=1.6 KN/m2 (V=47m/sec), Purlin spacing =1.40 m

Note: Above table is intended for comparison only, and is not a substitute for professional judgment. Please contact Oriental professional Engineer for design purpose.

Standard Offers
Purlin Zinc Coating (g/m2) Thickness (mm) Depth (mm) length (m)
Z10010 120 1 102 6
Z15015 120 1.5 152 6
  • Light weight and strong
  • Greater spanning capability
  • Zinc coating to provide longer life
  • No welding at site
  • No painting required after installation
  • Lower maintenance cost
Joint Detail of Z & C Purlin Section.